• Greatness is not a respecter of Chromosomes

    This is to all women who believe that Potential has no gender Bias, and greatness is not a respecter of Chromosomes. Be all you can be, don’t try to be equal with men, that rhetoric won’t last long, fulfill your own potential, you could find a higher definition rather than living up to an already

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  • I am not afraid for Olajumoke

    My thoughts about Olajumoke.   I am not much of a social commentator nowadays. And I really don’t need to mention her surname before you know who I am talking about. She rose to fame by that awesome stroke of what i have refused to call Luck because I generally believe the universe is too

  • Set to take the world

    In 2012, Asiwaju Dayo Israel II asked Oguntoyinbo Stephen Yinka to tell me about an international conference after I insisted that night at Flourish Hotel and Suites Akure that I really needed to travel. My main reason was that I needed to understand the international community and add new knowledge.   That conference was the

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