In 4 Days, You will let us GO! Thank you 2015, for the Lessons of Confidence, the instructions of Wisdom, the rebukes from foolishness. As you allow us leave you in the past and take the faith leap into the leap year (pun intended), may we learn to accept that purpose is fundamental, and only our maker defines its entirety.

As I received the Plaque of honor and contribution from the Lagos hub of the World Economic Forum Global Shapers in our Ikoyi Office, two things struck me with mixed magnitudes of concern and humility:

1. That if we stick the to the path that our Purpose driven life takes us through, our journeys though flavored with challenges, will continually experience glory and virtue. The things others dream about and struggle for will land at our feet unsolicited.

2. Validating Mark Twain, the next most important day after the day of birth is the day purpose is identified, understood, and a sure commitment is made to fulfill it. Purpose remains untapped and unrewarded until it is understood, interpreted, performed, and maximized. There is no greatness in 2016 without this.

Committed to Purpose,
I will Secure Africa