In 5 Days, 2015 will teach us only to remember it in the past, we will now know a new year and call it 2016. But before then, may we find time to remember what 2015 taught us, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom necessary for a year whose victories and defeats we have never been seen before.

As I walked up to the Podium to speak at Sheu Musa Yaradua Centre in Abuja, three(3) Fridays ago, it dawned on me that:

1. Every opportunity you have to share the gift of knowledge to anyone or in the least help challenge the thoughts that define status Quo; you are placing sign posts in your future, for help, for direction and most importantly for the followership you will need to lead a movement or govern behavior. This is why every such CHANCE should be REVERED

2. Every opportunity for performance is also a privilege for preparation. It is a necessary continuum that must be valued for improvement, growth and eventual fulfilment. This is why I thank everyone who patiently sat to listen to me back in the days when my ties were N500 a piece, and my Jackets were handed down. They offered me the time and chance to GROW and BECOME. And in life TIME and CHANCE is what we need to BECOME!

I am Becoming
I will Secure Africa (SA)