In 9 Days, we will leave 2015 Behind, or 2015 will let us move on. It has been a defining year for me. Stepping out to ask myself very important questions, letting go of prejudice, learning a lot, failing fast and winning on multiple grounds.

In 2015 I learned many lessons, (I will share them in 2s)

1. You will not be excused if you fail to maximize potential. You will not be remembered either – (so not excusing you or doing so won’t be necessary). Regardless of your Geography or Color, Life is programmed to honour and remember only its disruptors (on a prioritized scale of magnitude)

2. If my life was likened to a chess board, I am the most important piece, whatever name you call me is only Nomenclature. On my Journey I will be a Pawn, Rook, Knight, Bishop, King or Queen when life demands it. But at the end i must be the most significant Piece – The Piece that Delivers the MATE!


I will Secure Africa (SA)