I was one of the earliest. I hopped down from my chauffeur driven Toyota Prado, picked my bags and the survenir we brought for him. I asked James who was washing a second Montero SUV -he had just finished washing a black Prado like ours- “I am back, can you please lead me to where I can sit in the mean time”. “Hmmm,” he hummed and then said “Okay, let me ask him first” I sat on a small bench, must be at least 2 years old, showed signs of being beaten by rain. Not dirty afterwards, I sat, waiting. Thoughts ran through my mind as I heard birds whistling through the Majestic Silence of baba’s forest home. The smell of course was graceful, and so was the greenness of the canopy formed by the palms and trees.


Before I got back from my thoughts, James was back with a deep blue plastic seat, he wiped it severally to ensure that it was clean. I thought to myself, “Why won’t he bring me in?”. He said to me with sceptism: “You can manage this one, the place we are meeting him is not ready”. “Sure Sure”, I replied. “In fact I am okay with the bench” I replied softly. James laughed.

Only two minutes or so after, I heard footsteps down the stairs, seriously, “Could that be him”, I wondered. The white headed one, in his casual blue trouser and safari-like waist coat appeared to me like from the screens. I was star struck, it was my third time seeing him one on one, yet I was not sure whether to prostrate or stand still. Of all those three times, this was the first time he would invite me to his home in Abeokuta. “Good morning sir “, I said, bending like I was going to prostrate; I didn’t. Looking smart and sharp, not frail as I expected, “you are one of the early ones I believe”. “Yes sir”. I am Olusola Amusan, I mumbled. “Amusa, okay from…” , cutting in I concluded his statement, “Microsoft”. We shook hands and he continued, “Good, come with me, the space we are using is still not ready, let me lead you to somewhere comfortable”. “Thank you sir” I replied him while I basked in the honour of being welcomed by the Nobel Laureate himself.

…may be continued