May times forgive the days of childish endeavors and periods of unguided efforts. Evaluating the past and gazing upon the path on which I now thread; proves true a Japanese proverb which says. “Better than a thousand days of diligent study is one day with a great mentor”. I remember the evening of a blessed day, when my heart-beat raced at the hearing of SA’s voice as he speaks truth that made calls to the core of my soul. That day sparked up the beginning of a search for a significant approach to create a “mentoring-Alliance” with him. A decision I’ll ever remember not to forget. There has not being thousands of meetings though, but the very ones we have had, has always made me seen possibilities far beyond my initial thought. Timeless advice, suggestions and corrections I have being getting has given me results far beyond what my comfort zone can achieve.

To speak in the specific, the lessons I learnt from his versatile reservoir of experience and knowledge has enabled me to start and sustain two profit-making and value- adding ventures. My circle of influence has dramatically increased as I have the ears of people termed to be “elites”. All is rooted in a principle he taught me during one of our strategic meet-ups.

This Journey of mine with SA has made the 5 year plan I submitted to him almost completed even before the 5 year timeline. Therefore I believe every young person with the future in mind must always be on the run. Propelled by a mentor or on a chase after a reputable vision.
What of the priceless contact I have had with mind-blowing creative minds working along-side with him. Out of which several alliances and masterminds I have immensely benefited from. I have had opportunities to leverage on other peoples expertise, benefited from their contribution and made me look so much more than I really am. I can in no way doubt one of SA’s mantra; ‘’you are always the average of the five closest friends you keep’’.
dunsinNo man was born wise. Consequently, men have the tendencies to remain in their state of foolishness until an external source of knowledge and guidance; help naive minds achieve what they were created for. Likewise, No man did succeed in isolation. Give this a thought; “Won’t the world be a better place to live in if all young people achieve success and greatness in its true meaning?” It would be a lot easier if we will all be wise enough not to make all the mistakes by ourselves rather; we stand on the shoulders of fathers, sit on the couches of life-coaches and run the course of our lives with all possible speed and accuracy.

Oluwadunsin Fatuase is a Cyber-Security Enthusiast, Unconventional song-writer and a serial-Entrepreneur. Currently taking a Bachelors degree course in Electrical Electronics Engineering in a Nigerian University