Just in case you didn’t know, only few days ago, Facebook clocked 10, and Microsoft got a new CEO. Technology and all its derivatives have changed the way we live, the way we love, and the way we learn. In the world we live in today, he who disregards technology disregards effectiveness and personal potential. So instead of travelling a thousand miles to make a meeting and discuss a business deal, I can simply connect to a collaborative interface, that connects everyone from the different corners of the world from New Zealand to Tanzania, and Jakarta to New Delhi to Miami. DSC_0740 - Copy

Data storage services have taken a brand new turn with the escalating use of Cloud storage, so all our lives and work details don’t have to be stored in heaps of files that take months to index and many more months to locate in the day of need. Information storage and retrieval have grown beyond the way most of our organizations including government have left  things. We must sit up, or we will be much farther than we already are behind the rest of our world. We must consciously learn how we must make our lives and work better, reduce redundancy and move at the speed of thought. The desktop computer revolution which hit America in the early 1970s did not arrive Nigeria until the early 1990s or thereabout, at least not significantly. Even though the story has changed a little more today, we are still counted among the best consumers of technology, while we add very little or even nothing to the way the world around us must improve.

It is clear that Technology is KING, and we should allow it take its reign. It is appalling that several people around here still don’t have functioning email addresses, a whole lot of us still treat our emails like the ancient Post Office boxes, we simply check once in a month. And that’s to be modest. Today, emails have become instant response systems that demand urgent attention and can achieve awesome things if we understand how it works. Smart phones are closing up on us, coming down to as low as N10,000, less than $100, but many off us simply use our smart phones as calling machines and of course for sms and games. Why don’t you ask the serious  younger ones, and am careful to say serious, about what more can be achieved with that device in your hands. You can set up meetings, fix appointments, set reminders, take motion pictures and tag them, conduct and record interviews, send and receive files, even read books and double you effectiveness by over a 93%.

Wish I had more time. Over the next few weeks, am creating time to coach a few middle aged men and women, generally in their late 30s and early 40s (business, career or people in public service) and  who wish to double their achievements as well as find out how they can be more effective. Please indicate interest by reaching my office on the +2348130245624 or email training@olusolaamusan.com

Your greatness is assured.