We have defined greatness time and time again on this programme; True greatness is in becoming who you were originally created to be and living your life in a way that inspires others to become their best in life. I have spent time in the past to share some principles of greatness. One of the key principle of  attaining will be my focus this morning. The Principle is DELEGATION. It is a skill as much as it is a principle. When effectively applied, results at work or in your family will multiply. Every man of greatness must understand this and live by it as a fundamental rule

Delegation is the art of assigning roles effectively; simply giving out roles individuals that are capable and willing to do them while you focus on what cannot be assigned. In every structure and system, there are duties that cannot be assigned, they are usually very few. In today’s world of work; we can’t keep doing things the same way and expect a different result. That’s lunacy.

delegationDelegation (1)

There’s a lot to be done, agreed. So much to be achieved that one could actually run mad. But there is no law that says all must be done by you. Locate individuals, friends, family, loved ones partners, and good for you if you are a leader at work, you have lots of subordinates. Employ their hands; achieve more results not by using them, but through them. Assign tasks to people, get them to support you, create a meaningful reward system for them and be appreciative of every favour. I learned this quite early. I have an assistant for almost everything. Whether official or unofficial, a media assistant, an automobile assistant, an office assistant, an operations assistant, a writing assistant, get people, and come to think of it, you don’t have to pay them with money. You just find a way of ensuring that they grow too… this is the way leaders think.