It is almost 5 months since you had fellowship with knowledge via the classroom, if you belong to any government owned University in Nigeria.

While am not surprised by the laxity of our leaders and how they continually ensure that our young people are disadvantaged, I am worried that too many of the students themselves who have been forced into a compulsory leave have not shown so much seriousness. I should not fail to mention that am impressed with a few though.

My question for you is very simple, dear friend, what skill/Trade/Vocation/project have you learned or been involved in since the compulsory leave began. In the fall of 2009, a similar strike action happened. The duration was unpredictable, I was only 19years. During those 3months, I started and completed my debut book, Are You Branded Or Stranded (a book that has attracted praise from almost all continents of the world). The following year I made my 1st Million, and went ahead to win the title of the Inaugural ambassador for the Global Students Entrepreneur Awards, The most Influential NACOSSite and the Student Leadership award by my University’s management. While many of my mates grew fat, threw parties, had more drinks and girls, watched more season films and ‘unlearned’ school work, I was busy charting a new course for my future. Today I am better for it, and tomorrow holds much more.

What will you have achieved, at the end of this strike action, sincerely, that’s my question for you. If the strike tarries, everyone will keep blaming government, as we have always done. However, if you refuse to maximise your full God Given potential, and live up your dreams, everyone will blame you. So think, act, add to yourself and take advantage of every space, time and resources you have! You will Win!

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