This is to all women who believe that Potential has no gender Bias, and greatness is not a respecter of Chromosomes. Be all you can be, don’t try to be equal with men, that rhetoric won’t last long, fulfill your own potential, you could find a higher definition rather than living up to an already weak fabric called man.
Break the current records in mathematics, redefine science as we know it, tell everyone genius in the arts is not a function of sex, promote ingenuity as a quality of homo-sapiens not an exclusive preserve of a supposedly stronger gender.
Woman, you cannot continue to define strength by the density of bones and muscles. If strength was a function of DESIGN – density, weight and size, then a stone is stronger than a mobile phone. I bet you do not agree. Strength should be defined by PURPOSE and USEFULNESS. So, go show your strength! And let it not be a function of your design, your shape, your color, your looks, let it be beyond this. If your design must matter at all, find Purpose and Usefulness in it.
There is still room to take the records, the Cure for Cancer is still a Mystery, that of AIDS is still unknown. There are inroads to economic solutions. The vistas of quantum physics and teleportation must not remain theories. Who will redefine the science of human interaction and show us what is beyond social media and the internet of things. You! Woman, the world hasn’t met you. Up till now, you have focused on being another person, yet the problems multiply. I dare say that there is no career you cannot explore, no path you can not take. Imagine if all of humanity were women, if all of humanity was designed as you, would we have avoided the career paths you now avoid because of societal stereotypes? Would we have ignored engineering, and science and say, our species was not made for it? No! We would have embraced them despite the ‘mystical’ limits of your design.
So this is the age. And let it be remembered that 2016 was the year you took the lead to end the discrimination, victimization, and differentiation that exists within the misguiding order those before us created. When it comes to reaching our potential and achieving greatness in any field, particularly science, technology, engineering and mathematics, we are not ‘man’ or ‘woman’, we are humans, who deserve every right to dream, work and actualize.
This is to all those who care about becoming, regardless of all the odds that stand against them, I continue to respect you. While it might take our governments a few more years to realize the importance of this narrative, you would have gone miles ahead to become your best self, show others how to do the same and inspire the government of nations who still discriminate by law, process or practice, that we are robbing the world of the most immense value, when we stop women from achieving their dreams.