My Wife and I discovered a way to increase our income despite the financial crunch, build financial assets and worry less about our needs and dreams. With initial investment of about N170,000
(less than $1K). We found a business built on the business model of recommendation marketing. Forget the grammar, we bought household materials like toothpaste, energy drink, bathing soap, perfume for Tolu and I, chocolate bars and some other nice items like shampoo and lip stick.

No selling involved.The next question in your mind is “What do you intedn to do with the items?” Personal use of course. We are then required to inform other people and invite them for either online or presentationWhether they are people we think are interested or not

For doing that for the past 1month and 5days we earn 150K in extra income and we are on the path to making it about N400,000 EXTRA monthly from Mid-October. The sweet thing is that it is extra money. What is also  interesting is that we don’t have to do anything major. We joined and invited people to fancy meetings in Protea and Four Points by Sheraton and online presentations. No selling, no convincing, and the networking opportunities are huge.

Let me know if you are interested in this. It starts with you watching this video.

If any of these two videos appeal to something in you, I can guide you on what to do next.
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