Maximum Ace Network is a social enterprise with the vision to help people connect their potentials with possibilities via Impact. The organization was established in 2010 and operates on a number of platforms. 
Yesterday, July 16, 2011 in Ikeja, Lagos Nigeria, the Principal Management Executive of OAC, Mr. Olusola Amusan delivered a life transforming speech to the teeming young participants at the event. The event welcomed young high school leavers, undergrads, fresh graduates, corp members and young working class professionals. The core of the event was understanding the dynamics of relationships – taking routes to Strategic Networking, Connecting with the Source and the essentials of Sexual Relationships.
Olusola Amusan passionately taught the participants importance of networking, the essence of social capital, the energy model and how to strike perfect connections. Olusola furthered to teach on how young people must take synergistic actions for change if Nigeria must experience true Renaissance. Following this, he explained the TOP principle, an acronym for “The-Other -Person”. The TOP model was initially created by Olakunle Soriyan (Nigeria’s foremost life transformation Coach). Olusola concluded his session by explaining the Pitfalls in Networking. The impact was awesome that it sparked a fire in everyone in that meeting. 
Driven by passion for positive change in Nigeria and the Renaissance of the Afrcan continent, Olusola continues his voyage with series of actions, creating platforms for learning and innovation. He believes Africa will indeed be great. Olusola says: “I won’t Sleep until I secure Africa”