#1 The greatest dream a man can have is that which he has about waking up to take responsibility for his own destiny

#2 There is a great wall of divide between ‘wanting to’ and actually doing. That wall of divide is the enemy of advancement. Tear it!

#3 The thought of Success as the ultimate is in itself a limiting factor to human potential, fulfillment is the ultimate!

#4 There is Greatness in all of us, our duty is to find that Greatness, and to find it right early.

#5 As you go out each morning, arm yourself with discernment and discipline, they are tools that help you avoid the deception others fall for!

#6 When building a skyscraper, the foundations are the most important, then the pillar beams, knowledge is the foundation, Understanding is the beam!

#7 Who knows the address of wisdom, or the house number of Peace? Trust me the most important things in life are not the things we can touch.

#8 The best cars will soon become Old-school, and so will today’s Clothes. Placing value on personal growth, returns more premium than the most promising market stocks.

#9 Look within, within is the fountain of all good, a fountain where spring water can never fail. Dig deeper and deeper.

#10 Use your creative force to create the conditions you desire, rather than those you fear