Last week I received a call from a good protégée of mine inviting me to speak to about a hundred of her friends and colleagues at the department of Metallurgical and materials Engineering of the Federal university of Technology Akure, Ondo State of Nigeria. Despite my increasingly  busy schedule, I spoke to my Itinerary assistant and found some space to fix it, I decided to create time. Though I spokle on them on something much different because eventually I was not with the Playbook Tab I prepared with. 
Meanwhile I think I should share the outline with you, it will be of help.
  • Being a student is a phase, not a status 
  • Success in life and business is a result of deliberate decisions 
  • The known fact is that problems are everywhere, and so are opportunities.
  • Those who really care about success must carefully pursue 
  • Greatness is never a result of chance.

The height which great men reach and are kept cannot be achieved by a sudden flight.

So we teach a principle of success called the principle of coordinated efforts. The assertion is this, everyone can succeed, but not everyone will! Only those whose intellect, strength or diabolicals will be utilized in ways that are coordinated and united ENOUGH in the direction of a course can solve life’s many problems.

Success in life is not for the chicken hearted. Attributes like boldness, toughness, assertiveness, proactive-ness, creativity, gutsy are inevitably necessary if success must be attained.

Been nice is no an option. You could be kind, but not at the compromise of key principles.

Try to be respected for being principled rather than for being Nice, being Nice means, you constantly compromise principles.

There are three directions you can pursue at this stage:

Going after money

Going after fame

Going after key Significance

Stay with me, and trust me,  I will talk to you more on this in days to come.