Let me tell you the story of a young man named Joseph Jacobs was hated by his siblings for being a victim of what they referred to as hallucination. Joseph believed he had the capacity to see the future, and that someday he might become a political leader of his clan. Worried by Jealousy, 10 of them made a plot to assassinate him. Thinking this was too extreme an action, they decided to make some money by selling him to a man who bought slaves for a few dollars. They returned and claimed that their brother had been abducted by a terrorist group. Many years later, after realising is assignment and building his reputation capital, serving himself to his community with integrity, he found a responsibility that was much bigger. He was asked to manage a small estate worth less than a million dollars. Not too long he got framed by his supervisor’s wife who wanted to have illicit sex with him. He was arraigned before a magistrate and got into jail. He suffered a lot, he never gave up, rejected but not destroyed. He went on doing good, sharpening his skills and studying economic journals.



To cut the story short, After a few years behind bars, the president of the country where he served as slave had a bad experience, a set of disturbing nightmares and migraine he could seem to understand. Doctors attended to him, he even travelled abroad to get treated. Yet he was far from been well. Much later one of the special advisers to the president remembered that when he was in prison, Mr. joseph helped him with a similar issue. They called for him. Understanding the protocol of royalty, our friend freshened up, got a good shave and burrowed a jacket. He went on to the presidential chamber. Worried and anxious about the reason for his call, he passed through several security barricades. Finally, the matter worrying the king was a simple economic model.

Save a certain amount of resources (R) for Year (Y), and store the exponential preserved content to be made available in year Y2 when Actual Resources (Ra) will tend to Zero.

Long and short, the president wondered if anyone else could manage this model other than the man who propounded him. Mr. Joseph was granted a presidential pardon, and appointed Coordinating Minister of the Economy (CME), A dream he had once nutured.
Though rejected by his own, Mr. J, became the cynosure of all eyes, a wonder to several people