Do you ever check your GROWTHMETER?
As I ask this question, I am aware that in your mind you are able to guess what a GROWTHMETER is. (Shall we discuss this on another day?)

But why is it even important to GROW?
What’s the Big Deal?

You see, my friends, If you do not grow up, you cannot not be trusted with the most beautiful things your HUMANNESS DESERVES.
You were born with Unrealized POTENTIAL.
This is POTENTIAL: Today you live in Lagos Nigeria, studying Biochemistry in University of Ibadan, you are 21, born to an average Nigerian family of 4 Children- the hope of succor for parents and family.confused

REALIZED POTENTIAL: Fast forward 11Years Later, You are 32, married with 2 Boys, married to a queen, and living in the newly commissioned Ikorodu GARDEN CITY, you are driven in a 2025 Mercedes Benz that burns no fossil fuel, you have written 3 Best Selling Books on Bio-regeneration and advanced bioorganics and published 112 papers; You are the head of Research at the Lagos International Cancer Diagnostic Centre and on June 4th, 2026, you became the first human to find sustainable cure to CANCER.

In the Middle of all this is GROWTH. This is not a dream, this is a result of DELIBERATE CONSCIOUS EFFORT.

Joy and Fulfilment, the best things of life you can think about will be naturally yours when you GROW out of today’s Weaknesses and negative Eccentricities.

You really want to know what a GROWTHMETER is now, Don’t You?

Olusola Amusan
Growth Consultant