I was just busy looking for an attention catching topic when I chose this one, and frankly am still not sure if I caught your attention. I probably did if you are still reading up to this point. I hope I can hold it down a little further. What am about to write is really far more important than the prank am trying to play in the first paragraph. That is if you agree that it was a prank and not just a waste of digital ink and your time.

But if you actually know me, you know I am way too interested in growth than most people. And by growth I mean, how people behave, what changes occur in humans and the environment we live in, how people profit from this, who is responsible for governing behavior and a host of other things related to a field I have never officially studied – Sociology. 2016- What’s the FUZZ. Everyone…,  no not everyone, majority of the people already have given lots of economic predictions, political speculations and taught you and I to ignore New Year Resolutions and set goals instead (to me that’s just vocabulary to manage our expectations). In my own thoughts however, I think it might be one of your best years ever. And if you are an adult reading this is extremely useful for you. It really doesn’t matter which industry you are, the things that matter this year would be different. And I actually expected that 2014 and 2015 would have instructed us.

The impact of Technology and the democratization of Knowledge will go a long way in changing the way we live our lives. It will affect our income, and extensively our way of life. Frankly the only thing that can be done about this is to respond effectively. This is what I mean, Facebook Acquired Instagram for $1Billion in 2012, a price several people argued was low considering that its IPO  was $2Billion and its market valuation  two years later was at $21Billion, They also absorbed WhatsApp with a deal worth of $19 Billion, a figure near thrice of  Nigeria’s foreign reserves as at 2013 (the year before). I am not just interested in the Dollar amounts, i am interested in the ignorance of the community that grew so much to be traded with, without its knowledge – by this I refer to the communities that have been unknowingly built. A billion people who don’t have enough time to read terms of service or privacy policy. That’s what thrills me – Lawyers, Doctors, Engineers, Teachers, craftsmen, artisans, clergies, whose behaviors are governed, researched into and mined to explore entirely new vistas of opportunities in various fields of human endeavor. This technologies are gradually weaving themselves into our lifestyle and we will simply be playing the loser if we care less about them. Email marketing, targeted advertising, Big data mining, search engine optimization all gather and help decision makers realize what directions they should go while the majority will follow as puns.

Why I decided to do all this exigences is to help you realize that we need to be more aware of what is going on in 2016, so like CNN’s Richard Quest we can take our slice of the PIE. (And I really don’t know what this might mean to you). The impact of technology is what I explained in my last paragraph and i will elucidate further. Fridges will will be able to tell their owners when Milk is finished, send a request to the neighborhood store via Wifi, and a notification to authorize transaction to the owner. The Sofa will  be able to read temperatures and pillows will report brain recovery to the doctors on a dashboard. Cars already drive themselves and these cars will get more affordable, but humanity will still have big problems to tackle. But that’s really not my focus in this post.

Let me tell you about the democratization of Knowledge, I will painstakingly do a comprehensive write up about this later. With over 150 MOOC (that’s short for Massive Open Online Courses) and over 40 Internationally recognized universities given their content for free, education  morphing into something we have not seeing before. And people will get more comfortable with this in 2016. With Cousera hitting 4Million students in 2013, and they grew even more in 2014 with over 21.5 million enrollments. The classrooms of 2016 will have 300,000 students in one class, bounded by no walls, prejudice, language or culture. Referring to Coursera, Helen Walters in a TED article says ‘Its most popular class has 259,969 students, simultaneously studying Scott Plous’ Wesleyan University course in social psychology.’ This sends a big message to those investing in education, creating curriculums, delivering or receiving knowledge that the game has changed and will change even more.

So, yes finally after the first 11 days, I welcome you to 2016, it will be the year of the unexpected, (and again i cannot tell what this means for you). It won’t be business as usual. It will be fun for readers, learners, observers and doers, opportunities will look for people who are prepared. Change will happen to the most seemingly secure sectors (like it did to oil in 2015) We are in the hybrid age between the era of information and something else that is yet to emerge and we had better been ready for it.